Dust collector

Spark Technology Industry ‘s filters are designed for all industries requiring filtration systems for all types of pollutants, and accommodate a wide range of filters. Each dust collector installation has these specifications, which makes our design office always work according to the working conditions of the customer and the behavior of the workers.

We offer a complete solution to remove dust and polluting particles from the working area.

These dedusting installations also protect the environment from any type of polluting emission.

Customized solutions for your air purification and air distribution system

A Range Of Dust Collecting Filters And Washing Towers

By Dry Route

  • There are several types of dust in industry. They must be filtered by means of a filter element in the form of a sleeve, pouch, or filter cartridge.
  • The industrial dust collector filter is designed in a way that permits maximum efficiency with an optimal space requirement.
  • The dust collector can be installed outdoors, a piping system is connected for dust extraction. This industrial dust filter can also be placed close to the source of dust generation. This allows for lower energy consumption.

By Wet Process

  • There are dusts that require wet filtration by means of a scrubber or washing tower.
  • Spark Technology Industry offers suction pipe networks for the realization of an industrial centralized suction.