Industrial ventilation

Polluted Air Extraction And Fresh Air Introduction

Spark Technology Industry implements efficient and studied INDUSTRIAL VENTILATION systems in compliance with the rules of conformity of the production workshops.

With our expertise in industrial air conditioning, Spark Technology Industry has developed solutions that can be adapted to customer needs.

Each facility has a specificity and with its experience Spark Technology Industry can adapt to each problem by bringing its crew of expertise and assembly in all sectors in Tunisia and abroad


The purpose of general ventilation is on the one hand to renew the air in industrial premises and the elimination of pollutants and on the other hand to condition the work premises by air conditioning or heating.

Some of these work premises have sources of emanation of oils, fumes, dust, steam, which requires the extraction of contaminated air and the supply of fresh air.

Ventilation is an industrial process used in harmful environments that permits the evacuation of toxic or polluting elements through the injection of fresh air.

Optimization systems in terms of cost and energy consumption can be set up according to the customer’s needs.

Spark Technology Industry through its experience in the industry offers customized turnkey solutions for these employees.

The ventilation installation can be optimized by relying on the expertise of Spark Technology Industry ‘s design office staff. By placing the extractors in such a way as to suck up the pollutant before it reaches the workers’ breathing space. The toxic air is eliminated, protecting man.

The efficiency of these systems is not 100%, therefore it is advisable to use it in the following cases

Medium toxicity particle

Existing quantity of pollutants is not very large

The workers are far from the source of pollutant emissions.

This system is considered a complement for the aspiration at source, following a dust or pollutant removal installation. It is also mainly used in cases where local aspiration would be impossible for technical reasons