Industrial cleaning

Industrial cleaning is a process that has been developed in recent years. Premises can be places where an industrial activity of production or storage is carried out. Finding the best value for money for your cleaning needs is Spark Technology Industry ‘s goal thanks to its expertise in the design and implementation of different cleaning systems.


Industrial cleaning operations require advanced techniques in order to achieve the necessary efficiency. This involves cleaning and disinfecting machines, production lines and storage areas, which is a particularly important activity in most sectors of industry.

Plants have only recently begun to offer the function of industrial cleaning to external partners. It is a service provided internally by a qualified cleaning team. However, the evolution of the systems and techniques used is an obligation

Whatever the type of your activity sector, it is important to choose the right procedure.

Spark Technology Industry provides you with several solutions that allow you to carry out cleaning operations easily and efficiently. Two general types are used : centralized cleaning and mobile industrial vacuum cleaners.

Centralized Cleaning

The centralized cleaning is a floor dust extraction system over the entire surface of an industrial building, composed by:

  • A central unit and suction ducts
  • A filtration unit
  • Sensors

The control unit placed outside is connected to the suction outlets distributed in the factory. Each suction outlet is used to connect a flexible hose to strategic points in your premises.

Centralized cleaning is more efficient than a mobile vacuuming system. It is easy to use. Centralized vacuuming can be used to meet production, packaging and cleaning needs.


For your centralized cleaning facility in your factory, we propose :

Elaboration of a maintenance contract for your centralized cleaning system.

Supply and installation of the installation and start-up of your centralized cleaning system.

A site visit

A complete upstream study according to your specifications

Centralized cleaning ensures the removal of dust from the floors of rooms, machines and production lines.

Spark Technology Industry is an air treatment company in the industry. It designed the centralized cleaning installation: capture, transfer, filtration.

The centralized cleaning system works on the principle of vacuum, it can be installed as an addition to a dust extraction system. A centralized vacuum network is necessary to reach the different parts of the premises.

We work with different types of products,. According to the customer’s needs, we choose the necessary equipment that corresponds to the characteristics of the installation.

Mobile Vacuum Cleaner

Very powerful industrial vacuum cleaner, suitable for general cleaning tasks, extraction of dust from grinding machines and transport of powders. Filter cartridge as main filter. Filters are also available in polyester felt. Efficient cleaning by means of an inverted compressed air jet. Thermal overload protection installed in series.


The power depends on the flow rate of the vacuum cleaner and the pressure, these two characteristics are chosen by our expert according to the need and the type of the installation.

Hese vacuum cleaners are used especially in production plants where there is a large amount of powder or waste that ensures the contamination of space and soil.

The machines also need to be cleaned daily to protect them and have a long life span of the equipment. The cleaning operator must be well trained to perform the cleaning properly. This process becomes one of the most important phases that must be taken into consideration due to its influence on the quality of the final products.