Painting booth

A spray booth is a place equipped with a ventilation and heating system that allows operators to work in a controlled environment according to current standards.

Using a paint booth is very effective in controlling the concentration of paint particles in the air. It limits the risk of spreading dangerous and volatile elements. So, fires can easily be prevented.

The industrial paint booth is useful to quickly paint parts and objects of different sizes.

Industrial paint booth is used to paint different types of parts without damaging the surrounding space.

Equipped with a paint mist collection system, in the industrial paint booth and after the paint has been sprayed on the part. The humidity of the paint must be allowed to evaporate.

After the drying phase, a baking and cooling phase is necessary. These two operations are essential for the hardening of the paint. A temperature of 60 °C is necessary to achieve an acceptable result.

If these operations are not respected, the paint quality will be affected. The last phase is the cooling phase, which is carried out in the open air.

STI Industries

Dry Track Paint Booth

A spray booth is a ventilated and filtered room allowing to work in conditions of hygiene and safety in accordance with the standards. STI builds custom-built paint booths, adapted to the dimensions of the parts to be painted.

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To protect themselves from harmful paint particles, the paint booths are equipped with several types of filtration stages. There are different types of filters that have an effect on the efficiency and the result of the painting.

The choice is made according to the part that will be sprayed and the type of paint that will be used. There are vertical flow or horizontal flow paint booths, each type is adapted to the space required for the parts to be painted.

The filter is necessary for the proper functioning of the industrial and classic paint booth. It permits to suck the filtered air and to filter the particles that can affect your health.


Wet Paint Booth

The paint booth is a room for spraying layers of liquid paint, varnish or glue on a well-defined surface. Its use complies with safety standards, as it protects against fire, explosion and even intoxication risks. Equipped with a ventilation system, it protects painters from respiratory diseases. Thanks to this device, wearing a mask is no longer an obligation when performing the operation.

Using a paint booth is very effective in controlling the mixture of air and paint. It also limits the risk of spreading dangerous and volatile substances.

Industrial paint booths are used to paint different types of objects without leaving traces on surrounding walls or other rooms.