Pneumatic transport

Spark Technology Industry has implemented pneumatic transport systems using technical means of suction or blowing, dense or diluted phase, for the handling of powders and bulk.

The leader of the sector in Tunisia, Spark Technology Industry puts at your disposal a set of efficient and regular pneumatic transport system for your products.

These installations allow you to minimize energy costs and the intervention of maintenance and protection, thus increasing competitiveness. Spark Technology Industry has developed specific pneumatic transport costs systems that combine maximum product protection with minimum consumption of transport gas.Even abrasive, fragile products can be.

Pneumatic conveying under pressure is a conveying system operating according to the pressure difference principle. We have highlighted a filtration system to remove dust due to the overpressure between the airlock and the receiving silo.We consider the pressurized air is the energy for transporting the material efficiently and safely.


Pneumatic Transport Diluted Phase

Pneumatic conveying allows the transfer of all types of generally bulk materials such as dust or granulated products. The conveying system can be made of painted black steel, galvanized steel or stainless steel.

Spark Technology Industry provides these pneumatic conveying systems for the industry. This technology, which competes with bucket elevators, mechanical transport, screw, chain…, consists in transferring product diluted in air ¬ with various concentrations.

It is very necessary to calculate the parameters involved in the transfer process in order to ensure the transport of the powder. Spark Technology Industry has developed a dosing system to determine the air velocity and the quantity needed for dosing.

Advantages of a Dilute Phase Pneumatic Conveying System

No dust emission

Low investment costs

Complex routes

Scalable system

Flexibility in case of layout modification

Protection of products from pollution

Reduced space requirement

TPneumatic Transport Dense Phase

Working principle and use

Dense phase pneumatic transfer installations are designed to transport different types of products, over a distance of up to 250 m and at flow rates of more than 15 T/hour.

These systems are designed to transfer products at a speed of 1 to 5 m/s, preserving fragile products and ensuring a reduction in the phenomenon of abrasion of the installations, and limiting energy consumption.

They are used for transport between the different devices of the production lines and the storage or filling silos.

These pneumatic conveyors are composed of pressure locks, made of black steel or stainless steel.

They can be used in food applications.


Each Expedition Cycle Includes The Following Phases

  • Filling by gravity.
  • Dispatching (conveying).
  • Displacement of the product by stoppers

The Main Advantages of Dense Phase Pneumatic Transportation

  • Avoid causing damage or change in the state of the product.
  • Low energy consumption.