Smoke extraction and oil mist

Lubricating or cutting oil creates a cloud of smoke that causes a problem in the atmosphere with a noxious smell.

To ensure the safety of the workers’ health, it is essential to install an extraction system by using hoods and ensure capture at the source.

The hoods developed by Spark Technology Industry make it possible to optimize the power required: the charged air is captured, routed through a network of balanced and sealed ducts, then it passes through a separation and filtration stage, and finally it can be recovered from the used oil.

Oil Mist Removal

We offer modern extraction and filtration systems for efficient mist removal from mechanical working fluids.

Oil mist – A danger for man, machine and environment

Oil mist and smoke rise when using metalworking fluids to cool workpieces or to lubricate workpieces and tools during the machining process.

Oil mists must be captured to protect the health of personnel, create a healthy work environment and increase the life of your machines and tools. Spark Technology Industry offers solutions and systems to control oil mist in working environments.